Coming Soon….The Americanization of the Big Woods in Wisconsin



We all know my slight obsession with when it comes to research. The internet has allowed nonprofit libraries to flourish which are invaluable for blogs such as mine.  I’ve had this book on my backburner for a bit as I was studying for my Canadian citizenship test and I’m now finally ready to give this a go!

The timing could not have been more perfect as this fits seamlessly into the Canadian history I’ve been studying. As an American I was always taught colonial history and westward expansion from a single viewpoint. A viewpoint that did not exist for most colonists as what we deem a border was quite the fluid line. We know Pa’s father, Lansford Ingalls, was born in Lower Canada in British North America while Pa, Charles Ingalls, was later born in New York.  Lansford was born in Lower Canada, an area that was formally known as New France. A culture that would have been familiar to Lansford when he moved to Wisconsin as that territory didn’t start to see British roots take hold until the French and Indian War in 1754; prior to this Wisconsin populated with citizens, priests, explorers and traders of New France with indigenous Native populations.

I’m excited to read Wisconsin. The Americanization of a French Settlement and begin to discuss Wisconsin history in more depth as it pertains to the environment Laura grew up in a little house in the Big Woods of Wisconsin. I’ve included the link should you want to read along with me and comment with anything that you discovered!



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