Interview with Robynne Elizabeth Miller: author of “From the Mouth of Ma” — The Cottonwood Tree

I’m am blog crushing on The Cottonwood Tree and their articles on the people surrounding Laura in the Little House Series. Which got me to thinking. Why would I keep their writing to myself? I should be shouting it from the rafters! So, inspired, I’m creating a new segment. Share-days, on Sundays, I share articles from my favorite blogs that share my love for all things Laura. And who better to participate first in sharing but Ma!  Robynne Elizabeth Miller  sat down with The Cottonwood Tree for an interview to talk about her book From the Mouth of Ma. I loved  her approach to discovering Caroline Quiner Ingalls from the written page to the academic and separating out the TV show character from our understanding of Ma.

She has an upcoming book regarding the three people that composited Nellie Oleson which I’m eagerly waiting for! But for now snuggle into this cold December day and check out her interview below with The Cottonwood Tree

We welcome the opportunity to speak with Robynne Elizabeth Miller, who recently wrote a book entitled, From the Mouth of Ma that focuses on Caroline Quiner Ingalls who was Laura Ingalls Wilder’s mother. TCT: Thanks for joining us, Robynne. Your book is an interesting take on the Little House matriarch. Why did you decide to […]

via Interview with Robynne Elizabeth Miller: author of “From the Mouth of Ma” — The Cottonwood Tree


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