Pamela Hill Smith

Remember the free course Pamela Hill Smith was offering through Missouri State University? I finished my course in the fall and proudly displayed my certificate in my cubicle but JUST realized that I didn’t share it here. Sorry friends!

I am a huge fan of Pamela Hill Smith and seeing her organize these lectures and her insights only made me a bigger fan.   She started the lecture series with LIW’s biography and then gently eased the students into literary topics surrounding the Little House series such as  truth vs. fiction. Is there a difference between truth and a fact in writing historical events? What are the expectations we place on the series? From there she delves into each book individaully as well as touching on the publishing process and her relationship with her daughter Rose.  I’ve included a video above from the Chicago Humanities Festival to give you an example of her excellent lectures . Please enjoy!

This program was recorded on Nov 6, 2015 as part of the 26th annual Chicago Humanities Festival, Citizens:  Please check them out at and if you are traveling to Chicago look at their calendar for any possible events to attend! If you can’t get to Chicago check out their YouTube channel below:


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